Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shopping for Groceries

I am trying to catch up on what is happening hence 2 posts in one night for me. A couple of things that are going on as I am trying to write these blog posts, everything is coming up on my end in Italian, not sure how that is happening, and I had computer problems getting my computer hooked up to the power and recharged. I have things well in hand now or letting for fun sake just think that way!

So it was slow day for me, trying to figure out my power problems with my computer and trying to make sure that I don't blow it up. I got this sorted out as best as I could and decided that I was hungry and the empty cupboards were not going to miraculously start producing some coffee or food for that matter. It was time to get my maps out and find a supermarket, have some lunch and at the very least figure out the piazza in this neighbourhood. I stopped at the front desk and the desk clerk was very helpful on where I should shop which store was expensive and which was cheaper. I have my backpack on and so off I go. Stay on the right side of the street where one of my instructions so this is what I do. It is a gorgeous day. I wore a litle jacket and could have easily just gone out in short sleeves, anyway I digress. So what happens when you stike to the right side of the street and then come to the piazza with another street you have to cross with no cross walk and a round about that has cars coming at you from every direction, well you run across the street with the other Italians and pray that you will make it to the other side. Obviously I made it both ways or you would not be seeing this enlightening blog post! So I walk along the street looking for the market, I end up in a ladys clothing store which just won't do and have to back track. I find the sign for the market, but it is  nowhere in sight, this is rather perplexing, then I see people coming out of the basement of this building. I decide to investigate and voula there it is. We are off to a good start, now to start shopping. I make a grand entrance and while getting my little pull cart thingy, i knock over a stack of 3, now everyone knows there is a foreigner in their midst! I start with the fruits and vegetables as this is fairly easy, right, wrong. You are supposed to have a clerk weigh and bag this item before getting to the cashier, found out the hard way. Ok things are going good I can do thing, I decide to pick up some cheese how hard can this be, well when everything is in Italian it is rather difficult. Other than recognizing some cheeses like Assiago that was a far a I got. I did buy some cheese just not quite sure what it is. Now to get some other basic staples for my little kitchen most items I was not sure what they were, but pasta and sauce and rice were easy. Oh and i bought some really delicious buns, that the lady cut in half for me. I guess that is one of the options that you get as you have to ask for your bread. I even picked up some type of milk and something that is supposed to be soy milk. Will share the story once I actually try these items. I also bought a precooked chicken with this wonderful spices. It was good and consisted of my supper. So I did make it through my first grocery shopping experience and forgot to pick up tea. I will just have to go back and have another go.

On the way back to my little room I stopped to have some lunch. It was a little sidewalk cafe sort of place where people stop by for 5 minutes have this tiny cuppa coffee and then continue on with their day. You stand at this bar counter and are served. There are not very many tables but since I am having a panni and a pot of tea I decide to watch the comings and goings of the place. It is really busseling and people even bring in their dogs. There was this very nice man with 2 jack russel terriors that were just adorable. After taking in the comings and going I decide I still have a bit of a walk back to my new home. Paying then turns out to be an experience as the cashier and I are not understanding each other and the next thing I know this very kind lady with perfect English and Italian for that matter is translating for me. It seems that everytime I require help there appears someone who is more than willing to provide assistance. The rest of my day was uneventful as I struggled to sort out my computer problems and try and get my first assignment completed. It is time for me to say goodnignt. Tomorrow I am intending on heading over to the ICCROM offices to see if I can follow directions and not get lost. More of the delegates are arriving tomorrow and then the opening ceremonies takes place on Friday. I will try and share more adventure stories tomorrow.


The Webster's Dictionary defines

HUMILTIY as: the quality or state of being humble and

1: not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive
2: reflecting, expressing, or offered in a spirit of deference or submission <a humble apology>
3a : ranking low in a hierarchy or scale : insignificant, unpretentious
I chose these words to try and express my deepest gratitude to everyone who was kind enough to support me in attending specialized training in Building Conservation in Rome. I really can't thank each of you enough. Many came to my steak night and I got to have a visit and chat about the importance of conserving our built cultural heritage. Others made donations. I raised approximately $3000 which will cover the costs of my accommodations here in Rome. Please know that your generosity and kindness is so very much appreciated.
Now on the my adventure to date. I flew out of Regina yesterday and landed in Frankfurt on the morning of the 28th. Little did I know that there is a strike going on at the aiport there and I was the lucky recipient of a canceled flight. The ground air traffic controlers are the ones on strike so they can greatly make a mess of trying to get a plane into or out of the airport. There was a flight leaving in 10 minutes to Rome and I could make a run for it and try to catch this flight or take a later flight at 4:30. I chose the later flight, but still attempetd to make the early flight. Now what is going to happen when you are trying to rush through a completely unfamiliar airport. One you have to use the washroom which you can't find and 2) security decides that maybe you are a terriorist and should have your bag opened and your camera wiped for explosives residue. They did decide I was no threat and yes I still tried to limp through the airport using the people movers as much as possible to make a flight I knew has probably left without me. Guess what it did! Oh well now to turn around and go back the way I came to try and get on the 4:30 flight which is over booked and there is no guarentee I am going to get a seat on. Good thing for me the people who had confirmed seats were not going to make the flight because of the strike so I got a seat just as boarding commenced. The flight was about 2 hours and really not that eventful. However the snack they fed us was amazing. It was this soft delicious bagette with butter cooked right inside of the dough. Small things amuse this small mind after many hours of travel and fatigue is setting in. So to continue, I arrived in the enternal city and had no problems getting a taxi to my hotel. There was a package from ICCROM waiting for me so that gave me some quick reading material for the rest of the evening. I got checked in and unpacked, then since for me it was suppertime I went for a wander around the neighbourhood. I headed to a lovely pizzarrea and ordered some pizza to take back to my room. They cut their pizza with scissors just so you know. I then picked a nice red wine out of the coke cooler with a coke as well and walked back to my hotel to have supper and digest the fact I was actually in Rome. Wow.