Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Class

School began on the morning of March 5th with everyone staying at the Ponte Bionco heading to school together. This time there were no mishaps on the way and we successfully arrived at school ready to rock and roll. Today is the day that we all have to do a presentation, introducing ourselves, what we do and some of the types of projects we are presently working on. There are the usual lectures then coffee break. So far so good the class seems to have a connection. Little did I know how very strong that connection would be!!!!
Participants locations with corresponding photo.
Note the lone individual on the North American continent, that would be me.
This weeks topics of discussion are Defining Heritage and Conservation Concepts.  The presentations are absolutely amazing with most of my classmates working on antiquities dating back over a 1000 years. Some are World Heritage Sites and the depth of issues and problems that they have to work through makes my issues with government burocracy seem like childs play. To say the least I am very impressed and very intimidated by this group of people. I make it through to the end of the day which is after 6 pm and head home with the group stopping at the Simply for more food to stock my still not quite empty shelves. Wow what a day!

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